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Dessert idea: Light vanilla ice cream

6 May 2016

Fancy some ice cream but don’t think you have the syns for it? You definitley do! Walls soft scoop light vanilla ice cream tastes great and is surprisingly low in syns, 100 grams is a fair amount too.

Chocolate oat biscuits

26 February 2016

These Slimming world chocolate oat biscuits are a guilt free treat and so easy to make (2.5 syns for 2 chocolate biscuits and 1 syn for 1 plain biscuit).

Haribo love heart sweets

13 February 2016

Love is in the air! 3 syns in total for 50 haribo love heart sweets. Really simple to make, sweet and low in syns. Nice dessert idea for Valentines day and minimal effort required.

Syn free pancakes

9 February 2016

Delicious syn free pancakes! (4.5 syns if you add the ice cream & choc shot) A brilliant low syn dessert or a tasty breakfast.

Weetabix cake

7 February 2016

At 3.5 syns per serving this cake is super easy to make and very tasty, a perfect little treat. But don’t eat the whole thing like we did (42 syns, ouch!)

Luscious lemon drizzle cake

6 February 2016

Perfect if you’ve got a really sweet tooth, very lemoney and extremely tasty. You could easily eat the whole cake (believe me its very easy) and still have nearly half of your syns left!