Who the hell are you?

You might be interested to know a little bit about me, or not..its up to you (and yes that is the Queen photo-bombing me)


The particulars

My name is Sophie, I am a 25 year old IT Manager from Somerset and more importantly… a slimming world target member!!

I started my weight loss journey in February 2015 weighing 12 stone 4.5 pounds and at a dress size of 16. It took me 18 weeks to lose 2 stone 1.5 pounds and to exceed my target weight and drop 3 dress sizes before my 25th birthday. I am now an extremely happy size 10 with buckets full of new found confidence and a new love for cooking!

Why I started Slimming World

For many years I suffered with health problems due to poor diet and virtually no excercise. I started slimming world after becoming extremely impressed (and a bit jealous) of the results both of my parents achieved by following the plan. By jealous I mean that I was jealous of the number of colourful certificates proudly displayed on their fridge! I fell in love with slimming world and we are now a complete slimming world family! along with my partner who follows the plan from home.

Me now

Having suffered with crippling shyness for many years I finally feel happy with myself and comfortable in my own skin! (most of the time!)

I started this blog after experimenting with slimming world recipes and taking countless pictures of the results. My mum and I spend most Saturdays hunting bargains and flitting from Costa (small skinny late – 3.5 syns) with a brief stop in New Look, then onto Aldi, Morrisons, Asda (sometimes) and Iceland. During these trips we have amassed a collection of recipes and tips for sticking to plan and I want to share!

I really hope you enjoy the blog as much as I will do filling it up and I will try to make the food look nice and posh but most importantly tasty!

Who made this wonderful website?

This website was made by my lovely partner Rob, you can view his website at: www.robthewebguy.co.uk