Review: Kenwood mini chopper

13 March 2016

kenwood-mini-chopperThe technical deets

So before I start there are a few technical specs that are worth pointing out that are real plus points to this lovely little chopper.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 350ml bowl
  • 150ml chopping capacity
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Rubber feet
  • 300w
  • From £14.99 in various stores

Kenwood mini chopper

Many of you will have realised this if you are following the Slimming World plan, there is rather a lot of chopping involved in creating many of the wonderful Slimming World friendly recipes we enjoy. Chopping is more often than not an essential part of prep for any recipe, and for me particularly onions have played a key role. Onions are a brilliant speed food included in most of the Slimming World recipes I have made and until now I have suffered in tears chopping countless onions with streaming, stinging “panda eyes”. This prompted the purchase of this lovely little chopper by my father who in his own words was “fed up of seeing me crying over onions”.

Chopping capacity

The Kenwood is described as a mini chopper and it does exactly that by taking care of most of the small chopping tasks required in my recipes. For instance it is perfect for chopping one onion or one pepper. I found that cutting the vegetable in half or quaters before putting it in works best and produces a better result.


The size is perfect for me and this can be handy when you don’t want to get your big food processor out. It also saves the hassle of setting it up and cleaning it afterwards just for one onion or one particular vegetable in a recipe. As it is dishwasher safe and compact it can also be popped in the dishwasher easily and doesn’t take up much space.

Product quality

The chopper is an extremely reasonable price and the quality of the product is brilliant. The rubber feet give it excellent stability during chopping and it feels sturdy in general. It is lightweight but feels substantial in the hand and is easy to move about.

Ease of use

It isn’t complicated to use at all and features a single button to operate at two speeds. Depending on the results you want you can either push the button down gently for the first speed or press harder to increase the speed for a finer chopping result. I find that pressing the button gently once, four or five times produces a chunkier chop and pressing the button hard continuously gives you a finer chop.


The only aspect of the chopper I find tricky is removing and replacing the bowl. The chopper has built in safety locking and there is a knack to locking it in place. Although others have done it easily I somehow always struggle but I get there eventually.

Multiple uses

The Kenwood is really handy for tasks other than chopping and I have found that it is the perfect size for making a small dip. For example my chickpea dahl dip was made using this little gadget.

My best mate Kenwood

The joy that I felt chopping my first onion in this bad boy and the time saved as a result has alone made the purchase totally worth while. The price is so reasonable and I think its incredible value for money for such a good quality product. The simplicity of the controls and the compact nature of the chopper is brilliant and from my experience it is perfect for any Slimming World member fed up of chopping! This little chopper is now a regular companion of mine in the kitchen and I wouldn’t be without it.

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