Chicken wrapped in bacon & crushed potatoes

18 February 2021

One-pan roast chicken

13 July 2016

Fantastically flavoursome and so easy to prepare! Simply chop everything up and chuck into one pan! and all at a mere 2 syns per serving!

Ocean pie

8 July 2016

A fantastically fish filled, ocean pie! Low in syns and full of flavour, a Slimming world favourite and featured in Slimming World’s “food glorious food”.

Syn free Mullerlight yoghurts

26 June 2016

The staple of any Slimming World member! All of these yoghurts are free, any not on the list I would advise you to check with your consultant or Slimming World app as it is likely they have a syn value.

Alpen bar syn values

17 June 2016

Not all of the Alpen Bars can be used as a healthy B choice. This is a handy graphic to show the syn values of the most popular Alpen bars.

Bangers & mash in onion gravy

12 June 2016

At 2 syns per serving, this slimming world version of the british favourite bangers & mash is delicious and very filling.

Meat feast pizza

15 May 2016

Check out this amazingly meaty Slimming World friendly pizza for only 11 syns! A perfect Saturday night treat, serve with chips and a side salad.

Italian style turkey steaks

7 May 2016

Absolutely FREE and very flavoursome lean turkey steaks with the added bonus of lots of speed veg!

Dessert idea: Light vanilla ice cream

6 May 2016

Fancy some ice cream but don’t think you have the syns for it? You definitley do! Walls soft scoop light vanilla ice cream tastes great and is surprisingly low in syns, 100 grams is a fair amount too.

Pizza topped chicken

23 April 2016

If you’re fed up of having the same old chicken dishes then this is a really simple way to change it up a little and you get a nice bit of cheese in there too! Syn free if using your healthy A choice.

Low syn chocolate bars

9 April 2016

Use this handy graphic when you need a chocolate fix! All chocolate bars under 10 syns!

Mug Shot syn values

8 April 2016

Not all of the Mug shots are free! Check your syn values with this handy graphic, featuring the full range of noodle, rice and pasta mug shots.

Sweet & sour chicken with rice

27 March 2016

Low syn sweet & sour chicken, a really tasty chinese fakeaway recipe, perfect for a Saturday night in!

Chicken tikka curry with spicy broccoli & green beans

24 March 2016

This is a brilliant way to include a 3rd speed on your plate while enjoying a lovely curry! Its also a great main meal for an SP day, just take away the rice and increase the portion of broccoli and green beans to cover half of your plate.

Low syn lasagne

18 March 2016

A tasty slimming world friendly lasagne at only 2 syns per serving. The Asda smart price macaroni cheese in a tin makes a brilliantly creamy cheesey sauce.

Review: Kenwood mini chopper

13 March 2016

Many of you will have realised this if you are following the Slimming World plan, there is rather a lot of chopping involved in creating many of the wonderful Slimming World friendly recipes we enjoy. This is my review of the Kenwood mini chopper.

Sweet potato wedges

29 February 2016

A simple and easy method for super flavoursome sweet potato wedges! Syn free!

Chocolate oat biscuits

26 February 2016

These Slimming world chocolate oat biscuits are a guilt free treat and so easy to make (2.5 syns for 2 chocolate biscuits and 1 syn for 1 plain biscuit).

Fakeaway: Spicy chicken

17 February 2016

Don’t order a takeaway, try the Slimming World friendly spicy chicken! At only 1.5 syns per serving, substitute your greasy KFC for a low syn alternative.

Haribo love heart sweets

13 February 2016

Love is in the air! 3 syns in total for 50 haribo love heart sweets. Really simple to make, sweet and low in syns. Nice dessert idea for Valentines day and minimal effort required.

Rich & herby spaghetti bolognese

11 February 2016

A thick, rich and full of herby flavour spaghetti bolognese, really cheap and quick to make, no skill required. Impress your loved one with a perfect valentines day meal… lady and the tramp style!

Syn free pancakes

9 February 2016

Delicious syn free pancakes! (4.5 syns if you add the ice cream & choc shot) A brilliant low syn dessert or a tasty breakfast.

Weetabix cake

7 February 2016

At 3.5 syns per serving this cake is super easy to make and very tasty, a perfect little treat. But don’t eat the whole thing like we did (42 syns, ouch!)

Luscious lemon drizzle cake

6 February 2016

Perfect if you’ve got a really sweet tooth, very lemoney and extremely tasty. You could easily eat the whole cake (believe me its very easy) and still have nearly half of your syns left!

Breakfast muffins – syn free! (taster night)

5 February 2016

These breakfast muffins are so easy to make and syn free! Ideal for a slimming world taster night or to keep in your fridge for when you’re feeling snacky!

Super quick chicken jambalaya

29 January 2016

A very light dish with lots of smokey tabasco flavour that was extremely easy to prepare and cook (syn free too)

Spicy curry dip made from chickpea dahl

28 January 2016

Quick, easy and a perfect syn free snack! This is brilliant for when you’re at home of an evening and looking to pick, pick, pick. It was a big hit with us and is a good way to include some speed food into your day.

Slimming World favourite: Diet cola chicken

27 January 2016

Don’t be afraid to try the diet cola chicken, its absolutely delicious and surprisingly good with mashed potato! Brilliant if you are having a speed day too (minus the mashed potato)

My kettlercise special: Tomato & garlic tuna pasta

21 January 2016

Filling and tasty to give you a boost of energy without making you feel bloated… and it’s syn free!

Full of flavour mexican chicken & rice – syn free!

18 January 2016

This is one of my absolute favourites, the rice is full of flavour and its super filling. We tend to put it in a big tray and everyone helps themselves so you need to be quick at our house or you miss out!

Easy peasy chilli con carne

17 January 2016

This recipe was concocted by me as an easy meal when you haven’t got much time but has become a massive hit! This is our go to meal in a hurry and we often have it twice or three times a week.

Winter warmer: The not so BBQ sausage and bean bowl

16 January 2016

This recipe is taken from the newest Slimming World magazine. The recipe requires a lot of ingredients and takes around an hour to make but is well worth it!